I would suggest staying close to Christ through out all your life, listen to his voice as he guides you and find ways to see the good in all of humanity. See every relationship and job as an opportunity to grow. Stay humble and remain teachable, even by those you despise. Surrender your pride and selfhood as much as you can so that maybe you are given the gift to simply help another human being. Maybe an entire job, an entire film project was created so that one human being on set could experience the love of the father through you. Keep it simple.

Eliot Rausch on Advice to Young Filmmakers (via my-ring)




Yesterday my boyfriend was so hungry and he started talking about pizza then his eyes filled with tears. I asked him why and he said “it’s just so delicious.”

It was a beautiful moment shared between me, him, and pizza.


imageliving proof

Piztalgia - When you remember fond memories that involve pizza and an occasional tear.